Manifestations of a Cube #7

84 Lines 78 Holes

Installation created for the Jack House gallery from the Manifestations of a Cube series.- see image.

These works are based on the isometric grid as an organisational space, a reference,  an anchor, a line and as a boundary. 

Driver first introduced Cyan, into her predominately monochrome palette in her installation  The Space Between where slithers of Cyan was evident from an extreme sideways view. In this series of installations (and proposed installations) blocks of Cyan are used as a device to suggest a floating space, further lifting the lines away from the wall. 

Manifestations of a Cube drawings are available as individual Limited Edition of  10" x 12" Giclee prints on fine art paper.  A composite of all nine drawings is available as a 40cm x 50cm print. Editions of 20.